The Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies - 1 IV The Middle Colonies A New Netherland& New Sweden small commercial outposts B 1664 England seized New Netherland from

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Unformatted text preview: 1 IV. The Middle Colonies A. New Netherland & New Sweden: small commercial outposts B. 1664: England seized New Netherland from Dutch C. 1681: King Charles II authorized new colony where New Sweden was 1. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania 1. Precursors: New Netherland & New Sweden A. New Netherland: 1. North America's 1st multi-ethnic society a. settlers Dutch b. rest were German, French, Scandinavian, African c. 1643: Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Muslims d. 18 European & African languages e. 17 taverns; no place of worship 2. 1639: legalized private fur trading a. overhunting depleted local supplies of beaver skins 3. 1648: Iroquois dispersed Hurons & French allies, incorporating into own ranks 1. attacked French settlements ...
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