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evil - Robbie McLaughlin Philosophy Essay 2 November 7 2007...

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Robbie McLaughlin Philosophy Essay 2 November 7, 2007 Evils In many religious faiths, the idea of God is of a higher infinite being of absolute good. God is supposedly a being of perfection, which never makes mistakes, and has a plan for every action. It is questioned then, that if this being which created everything were so perfect and infinitely powerful, why it would allow so many evils to exist in our world today? Some say that it is all part of God’s master plan to make the world go round, but are these evils really necessary? There are two different types of evil in this world. These evils are natural (physical) and moral. Natural evils are all kinds of evils that happen to human beings, ranging form earthquakes to sickness, famine and death. These evils are not directly caused by human beings, but just occur from existing elements in an environment. It has to be questioned then, if God created this world we live in, then why do these natural evils exist? God has the power to create a perfect world, and still God decides to make a world with horrible diseases where bacteria devours human skin, earthquakes and hurricanes decimate entire populations, and certain plants and animals can poison and
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possibly kill a person. It is believed that these things happen to people who need to be punished for doing something bad. What did the entire population of New Orleans do to
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