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Test 2 Lecture Notes Lecture 10-11-07 “Essays of Cannibals” by Michael Montaigne This text is about an aristocrat living in the southwest of France. He is a man of prestige identity. There is a place that belongs to him, a property holder. He misrepresents on purpose what Brazil was like in the 1600’s. This text is effusion. About brail and books in his life. It is officially about the Caribbean and its focus on cannibal. About Europe and ancient Greece. Lots of references about Africa too. This text is about EMPIRE. People are in world culture. This is world literature. They are able to try and understand each other and cultures, no matter where they are. This text is about academics. Lived in a château. It is so well-known because inside the tower is Montaigne’s library. An elite, stone tower, a medieval castle that he and his family have owned for generations. The top floor of the castle is a library. That is where Montaigne wrote his essays. Montaigne tries to access the world with his writing even though he has never been to any of these places. How did he know he got it right? If we stay inside of this tower and world how do we know we understand? Montaigne strongly feels that he needs a quiet space to meditate on and craft responses on the world that can be quite overwhelming outside. Every afternoon Montaigne insisted on going outside once a day to reassure himself that the real world is still there. He takes time out of the real world so he can be in the dialogue and try to make sense of it. His essay is like a popup book because there are whole worlds inside of it. Kind of like a kalidasa text because his words become 3-deminsional. Some books on his shelf: Andre Thevet; Cosmographie de Levant- the perfectly proportioned western man and emblem of the western empire, justice and power because of that ship; Colossus of Rhodes. Many books were coming out about Brazil. He calls this thing an essay. The word essay means in French comes from a French word, its an attempt, a trying, a test driving of an idea. Take a tricky idea and attempt. He calls of these things essays: attempts, things that are provocative. Pg. 1506 (A) Explanation: he makes the claim to say that his work isn’t very special. This is a cliché. The period Montaigne is writing is a very troubled one. What’s going on in France is religious warfare. The topic of the fight is catholic and protestant. If you are going to write something provocative you need ot be very subtle about it like Montaigne so that you don’t get in trouble. Pg 1506 (B) Explanation: the places that he admires don’t wear clothes. He is suggesting if he could stripe off all of his clothes he would because he wants to talk human to human. Pg. 1506 (C)
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Notes For Test 2 - Test 2 Lecture Notes Lecture 10-11-07...

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