Notes for Test 3 - Test 3 Lecture Notes Lecture"The Queen of Spades by Alexander Pushkin Images A.S Pushkins Petersburg laborers dug canals at the

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Test 3 Lecture Notes Lecture 11/8/07 “The Queen of Spades” by Alexander Pushkin Images: A.S. Pushkin’s Petersburg : laborers dug canals at the edge of the city. St. Petersburg is a beautiful dangerous city. Founded in 1703, it is an ancient beautiful city. It was built on a swamp. It is unnatural, it shouldn’t exist. Canals were dredged by human slave labor. It sits on the edge of Russia and looks out onto the west. It is a window that Peter the Great hatched through to the west. It’s an attempt to bring that Russian empire and Soviet Union into dialogue with Western Europe. It is filled with danger. Moscow is the capital. It is magically beautiful. as the sun sets and comes down low to horizon it starts rising again. As it starts rising again you get a reflection of golden sunlight by Finland and you’ll get a double city, like an under water Atlantis. This place is full of tricks to the eye. “Kiprensky’s portrait of Pushkin in 1827”: Pushkin is Russia’s Shakespeare. Born much later and writing much later. Didn’t have good literature till the end of the 18 th century. He becomes the emblem of all that is remarkable in Russia. He is said to have created the Russian language. Basho’s gift of poems to each other, Pushkin is the poet of all Russia. Pushkin tells us a lot about himself in this portrait. It tells us he is an inspired poet because of all the shining light on his forehead. In the background he has his muse, his Greek goddess that is the symbol of all poetry. He is dressed in a big fluffy tie; He is a literature and culture person, the scarf is a praise to a western writer that he read and enjoyed. His hand has long pointy nails. Pushkin drew his nails long telling them he didn’t have to work with his hands. Although he had blue eyes, Pushkin doesn’t look like a person from northern Russia. He comes from Petersburg military, political society. Hannibal is north-African. He wasn’t ethnically Russian or European. He is proud of being a son of African. “Pushkin and d’Anthes”: he liked drawing cartoons of himself. The single item that became his signature was his side burns. He was the perfect Russian and the absolute non-Russian. He is an epitome and outsider to this city. He is loved and detested. He suffered racial attacks throughout his life. He seduced over 4,000 women. Russians had mixed feelings about Pushkin. “2 nd image of Pushkin and d’Anthes”: money and power get negotiated through marriage. What is marriage? Love? Is it about who has the nicest house and who has prestige or cash? He came from a wealthy family. Dante’s, the picture on the right is really liked. “Alexander Bryullov”: Pushkin married the most beautiful women in the country. Her name was Natalia Goncharova. Goncharova spent too much time with Dante’s. Pushkin was unnerved by this. Pushkin does something bad by the law to solve this problem. He challenged Dante’s to a duel. Dueling
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Notes for Test 3 - Test 3 Lecture Notes Lecture"The Queen of Spades by Alexander Pushkin Images A.S Pushkins Petersburg laborers dug canals at the

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