Gov Test 3 Review - FROM LECTURE: Southern heritage...

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FROM LECTURE: Southern heritage – Regionally, the South is more violent & more religious, on social issues = more conservative in South; Since TX is a southern state, it is more violent & more religious than other areas & more conservative socially; consequence = political conservatism Western heritage – Western states have a self concept of rugged individualism; this is hypocritical because need government to supply water (socialism); but have ideological hostility to government action – which reinforces conservative ideology Historical context of TX constitution – TX constitution written by angry white Southern farmers who were mad at the Northern troops that had occupied TX during the Reconstruction and imposed a strong central government in Austin; Texans wrote a new constitution that had extremely weak central power that was noted for length & complexity; wanted weak government in retaliation – now have to amend Constitution when we want anything done Disintegrated executive – executive office functions parceled out to different executives (Governor, Comptroller, Lieutenant Governor, Commissioner, Attorney General, State Board of Education, etc.); this means whereas other states have powerful governor – we have many diff offices and weak governor TX rank among states in expenditure – TX ranks 49 th in rank of expenditures; Liberals say this is why TX has a low quality of life TX rank among states in quality of life – TX has a low quality of life according to liberals since the government expenditures are so small; conservatives counter argue that the figures are skewed by the illegal immigrant population and crowded areas along the Tradition of one-partyism – only had one party = Democratic; Democrats endorsed slavery and continue throughout 20 th century; but not mean anything because no party discipline; Reagan landslide re-election ended one-partyism Tom Pauken – State chairman of Republican party that took out ads in the paper to advertise against Bush’s tax proposition – he was opposing his own party’s governing; shows the conflict within the party between conservative activists and moderate candidates Texas (voter) turnout – voter turnout in TX (and in South) is lower than the rest of the country in general; poor, lower class, less educated gap greater in the South = why voter turnout = lower; if minorities voted more – could change to liberal Minority turnout – African American and Mexican Americans have a lower turnout at the polls than Anglo Americans; this means that since they have more liberal views than Anglo Americans – TX politics is more conservative than should be if they voted; they Minority opinions – African Americans and Mexican Americans typically have more liberal opinions than Anglo Americans; this means that if they organized and went to vote they could make TX less conservative
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Gov Test 3 Review - FROM LECTURE: Southern heritage...

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