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english exp hours - how parts of the country are behind...

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Joseph F. Peluso Professor Gratale College English One 12/4/2007 Five Hours of Credit For my first two hours of credit I watched A Bronx Tale . It related to class because one of the stories in the movie is about segregation. Cologero likes African American girl in the movie, but that is not acceptable because he is white. Also Sonny, the man who Cologero looks up to is a local gangster. He tells Cologero that it is nice to be both, loved and feared, but if he had to choose he wouldbe feared. Sonny mentions Machiavelli during this talk because Machiavelli discussed this in his books the Prince and The Art of War . Cologero’s father is a hard working man and tells him that people do not love Sonny they fear him. I was glad when I was watching this movie that I knew about Machiavelli because it made the movie more enjoyable. For another two and one-half hours I went to the Judy Shepard event at our school. Her son was gay and was murdered because of it. She talked a lot about
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Unformatted text preview: how parts of the country are behind others in being tolerable of different people. Her son was killed because he was simply different. Martin Luther King tried to getpeople to realize that we should judge on character not on outer appearance. During this event I felt like I could really tie it into our class discussion during the Martin Luther King readings. I also watched a documentary on Anne Frank that ran over an hour on the history channel. It was very disturbing to see pictures of the frail boney bodies of thepoor people in the concentration camps. This ties into the piece we read on the Holocaust by Arendt and the twilight episode we watched. We must keep playing documentaries like this to make sure people do not forget what occurred. You would think after the Nazis were defeated and everyone saw how horrible they were it would not happen again, but it did. At any sign of a new holocaust we must stop it right away....
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english exp hours - how parts of the country are behind...

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