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Lecture1_Intro - The Making of the 21st Century Professor...

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Unformatted text preview: The Making of the 21st Century Professor Scott Radnitz Spring 2008 SIS 201 Unmade History: Iraq Partition? Iran's Resurgence Iraqi Refugees AntiAmericanism Terrorism? International Order stable, recurring patterns of relations Formal institution--explicit commitment to abide by rules Informal institution--implicit understanding stemming from shared ideas or repeated interaction Why Do Orders Break Down? Anarchy Unequal tension peaceful change/ Opportunities breakdown (war) War determines who shapes the system Winners try to lock in gains Major Change in the International System World War I World War II 1991 2001? The international system: How does order emerge and break down? (power and ideas) How did the postWWII configuration come about, and what were its effects? How can we understand the international system today? How do the losers from the system resist? Connections and ironies of history Using social science to understand the world Main Questions and Recurring Themes of the Course ...
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