week6.1 - NYT QUIZ OCT 29 2007 1 Which of the following has...

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NYT QUIZ, OCT. 29, 2007 1. Which of the following has strained relations between Turkey and the U.S.? A. arms smuggling; b. EU membership; c. Kurdish rebels; d. King Abdullah Univ. of Science & Technology 2. Which of the following is a recent Kremlin decision that has international repercussions? A. reduction in the activities of foreign election observers; b. lowering of mortgage rates; c. support of Darfur rebels; d. backing of Myanmar government crackdown 3. Which of the following has recently proposed establishing a Bank of the South? a. IMF; b. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva; c. World Bank; d. Hugo Chavez 4. Which of the following returned home to threats and a bombing? a. UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari; b. Benazir Bhutto; c. Robert Chambers; d. Iraqi soccer team
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Lecture 13: The Rise of the Russian Empire Far north; forest and steppe, Black Sea & Baltic Sea; original settlers--eastern slaves, cyrillic alphabet & Orthodox faith & not W. Latin alphabet and Catholicism Growth of Russian E. between 1450 and 1750 and its rise to prominence in Europe and Asia. Came in the wake of the overthrow of Mongol domination. An era of territorial expansion and development of a Russian identity; parallels to other Eu powers--Br, Dutch, Fr. Development with Westernization and Western values.
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week6.1 - NYT QUIZ OCT 29 2007 1 Which of the following has...

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