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proj part 2 - open a shelter in which it had the feel and...

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Geog 123 Project Part 2 My project proposal was to start a homeless shelter in DC using my degree from Penn State in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management that had a different feel to it. It wouldn’t have the feel of a typical homeless shelter where your ushered in one night, given a sub-par meal and an uncomfortable bed and then outted the next day told to come back and wait in line for the next night. Using my Penn State education I would try to
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Unformatted text preview: open a shelter in which it had the feel and hospitality of a hotel but was used to rehabilitate and educate our patrons so that they don’t come in one night and go back out on the streets to their old harmful ways the next day. When you walk around the streets of DC you see so many homeless people, and many of them are veterans which is a shame considering what they did for our country....
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