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Gabe Altman 1/30/08 ConnWest -Thomas Ertman Response Paper #1 Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this week’s reading, for me, lies not in any direct quotation, but from the conflicting claims the book of Exodus poses. The story, primarily chapters 15 through 18, hinges on the migration of the Israelites to Mount Sinai leading to the foundation of a Hebrew state. What I find problematic is the evident clash between the book of Exodus and contemporary historians (including Professor Ertman) concerning the validity of said events. As Penn and Teller have so convincingly demonstrated on their program, Bullsh! t, no record exists of any large-scale migration in any of the areas cited in Exodus. Not a single trace exists of this supposed migration of millions of people, which makes one a bit wary of this supposed exodus, considering that modern-day historians have learned a
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Unformatted text preview: great deal about similarly cataclysmic events. A single trace of manna or an artifact found in Canaan (a region covering modern-day Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip), would have established some worth for me. Yet since no such proof exists of either the migration or any of the plagues or of the sea parting, I find it difficult for me to relate any of the material read as being pertinent to my understanding of morality or religion, which many will agree is the main reason for ones reading of the Bible. And as an aside, I find it a bit unearthing that throughout the journey, the Israelites find no solace in Moses leading them from the Egyptians, but rather they continuously blame him for the lack of food and comfort, which makes one wonder why God would save a people that have no appreciation for being saved....
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