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29 - ConnWest Freuds controversial views Existence...

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ConnWest 4/29/08: Freud’s controversial views: - Existence of “un-conscience” as having influence over actions - Presence of sexual drive in women (new to 19 th century, people in 18 th believed women were more sexual, and men were depicted in literature as victims) and even children (most controversial) - Believed people can be cured of their mental problems, saying that they are not “organically, or genetically different” as believed and could be cured - Put forth the idea that women could be lesbians (homosexual acts between men was already considered illegal in some places) Civilization and Its Discontents : Original Title: Unease within Culture - Written in Vienna, Austria after the devastation of Austria via WWI Freud’s ideas expressed in book: - Libido Eros (sex drive) meaning “sexual love” (preserve life, bringing together and ultimately enlarging groups) tribes, clans, and “even whole peoples” - Thanatos Death
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