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Gabe Altman 9/26/07 Writing the Essay- Noel Sikorski The Woman in the White Dress A woman in high heels, and aviator sunglasses, wearing a light, white linen dress that hugs and accentuates her curves passes me as my make my way to class. Her attire makes her appear extraordinarily beautiful, and I turn my head to get another look, with the hope that perhaps she may have done the same. She does not, and my rather ordinary day remains just as bland as it would have been otherwise. Yet I cannot help but think about what drew me to perceive this woman in such a way. Why is it that we ascribe beauty to certain objects and ugliness to others? How does one determine what constitutes the majestic in his/her own mind? We, as a society, find ourselves puppets of a media that dictates what our perceptions should be, but I find myself doubting whether I would find an overweight person attractive, even if the media did not condescendingly portray “fatness” as something to be avoided. Or are we slaves of our generations? Had I existed in the times of Degas or Michelangelo, would plump women draw my attention? And thus, as I make my way to yet another insipid chemistry lecture, I wonder if beauty is so arbitrary, then how can we quantify the majestic? The concept of majesty is something I have found myself uneasy about since my early days of first grade at P.S. 195 at which we, some thirty or more hyperactive miscreants, were forced to sing “America the Beautiful.” I personally find it a bit unearthing that American public schools required children to sing the praises of a land, and system, that abandons so much of its youth. But I digress, and thus I bring our attention to the famed phrase from that pseudo-poetic children’s rhyme, “and purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain.” Aside from being nonsensical in a
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grammatical context, the phrase is fraught with ambiguities. I, then and now, could never understand how purple mountains were majestic. In addition to being non-existent, because after all who has seen purple mountains other than the acid-popping hippies of
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draft prog 1 - Gabe Altman Writing the Essay Noel Sikorski...

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