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CWest Midterm 2 - Question 3 What is charismatic authority...

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CWest Midterm Question 1: Differing Gods in Old and New testaments 1. Covenant with God (Exodus 34) o Circumcision sign of covenant 2. Accepting of laws (Ex 20) o Both required to live a “redeemed” life o Great punishments for not following the laws (“scary” God) 3. Luke A. The covenant is no longer needed for redemption - Circumcision no longer necessary - All are able to achieve redemption B. Laws established to show piousness - Human depiction of God - Acceptance of God is enough to reach redemption, observance of “Old” Testament replaced by the acceptance of Jesus the Savior
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Unformatted text preview: Question 3: What is charismatic authority? Charismatic Authority-Extraordinary Powers -Supported by actions as proof-Introduces new social system w/pharaoh [exodus]-Moses = miracles, messenger of God o Wants to change social order in Egypt 10 Commandments -Jesus = miracles new social and ethical standards (charity to needy, eating with “unclean” people, non-Jews)-Socrates = God-given power of reason, proposes lack of knowledge, goes around traditional authorities Question 4: Love in Symposium and Confessions of St. Augustine...
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