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Mill’s On Liberty (page 127, 59, 62-63, 123) 1. Objective: To criticize the current forms of government (democracy, conceptions of the social contract). Mill doesn’t want to rely on political economic law, or religion, when looking to defend liberty. Individual expression hurt by harm. 2. Work responding to? Conflict between the Whigs and Torries in English Parliament, and they were thinking about the French Revolution and whether individual liberty should be curbed, or if democracy should be the ‘new’ system.
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Unformatted text preview: Church of England had monopoly on marriage, etc, and as such, controlled a lot of people moral beliefs. 3. Key terms and concepts? Tyranny of the majority (coined by de Tocqueville), liberty, authority, liberal, the “good”/truth, individual sovereignty, the public (a “few wise and too many foolish”), harm/utility, progress, religion 4. What is author trying to revise, reveal, challenge, destroy? 5. How is/has this text likely to act in the world?...
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