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ANT 2midterm study guide

ANT 2midterm study guide - Study Guide ANT 2 Terms and...

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Study Guide ANT 2 Fall 2007 Terms and Concepts culture Ruth Benedict cultural relativism Emile Durkheim ethnocentrism Franz Boas holistic approach George Simmel comparative approach prescriptive normative enculturation orality Structuralism Functionalism Cultural Evolution kinship fieldwork incest taboo participant-observation endogamy ethnography exogamy bride wealth religion dowry ritual monogamy symbol polygyny myths polyandry rites of passage polygamy rites of intensification levirate animism patrilineal rule of descent language matrilineal rule of descent phonology clan morphology lineages metaphor segmented lineage system grammar moieties semantics langue parole Sapir and Whorf etic/emic production distribution consumption political economy Formalism/Substantivism Societas/Civitas law Bureaucracy State chieftainship big man structure reciprocal exchange egalitarian generalized exchange peasant potlatch kula exchange system hunter/gatherer market system
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Study Guide ANT 2 Fall 2007
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