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ANT2_ FINAL study guide - Study Guide ANT 2 Final...

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Study Guide ANT 2 Final Examination Fall 2007 Final will consist of 20 multiple choice and 4 short answer questions. There will also be two long essay questions (see below). Anthropology and Ethics : there is no real truth about culture, it is all based on interpretations Karl Marx (and everything we discussed/associated with him): foundation of critical thinking. “3-layer cake”: superstructure (ideology) – structure (social organization) – base (economics). Capital requires an environment in which production always increases. Production is never in the hands of the laborer; the individual becomes lost in capitalism. Economic Class : class exists, cannot be marker of individual. Race and gender are markers of individual. Interest groups can form and dissolve. Class can become a political movement. Colonialism : the extension of a nation’s sovereignty beyond its borders Indirect Rule : a type of European policy (mainly the British) in which the traditional local power structure is incorporated into the colonial administrative structure. Direct Rule : Used by the French, establishing military garrisons and large administrative staffs throughout their empire. State : a type of political organization that is organized on a territorial basis and integrated through social stratification rather than through kinship Nation - state : a sovereign political state with a single national culture. Diversity in a nation-state = no longer a nation state i.e. America. Group/cultural identity. Weakening of the nation-state occurs as a focus of cultural identity. Combined effect of globalization. Race : Socially constructed; definition and form of the concept differs from one society to another -In Brazil, color of complexion forms an element in concept of status and group. Ethnicity
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ANT2_ FINAL study guide - Study Guide ANT 2 Final...

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