Final Review

Final Review - more disturbing than whites hating blacks...

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WHUM Final Review
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Title Author Time Period & Background Characters Work’s Overall Message Writing Style Their Eyes Were Watching God Zora Neale Hurston 1891 Eatonville, Alabama Janie Logan Killicks - dull and pragmatic Joe Starks – wants to impress people, takes Janie away, ambitious, only wants power Tea Cake – treats Janie like an individual. Uses confidence to be a good man. Catalyst t help Janie become her own woman Mrs. Turner – racist against her own people. Vehicle for Hurston to bring up race issue in the 19 th century Eyes, watching, Looking Race = shifting, defined by culture and social structure Mule = horse + donkey = mulatto = mix of races Racism – subtle instances of racism throughout novel (slavery, rapes). Shows how deep rooted & disgusting slavery is that Mrs. Turner turned against her own race
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Unformatted text preview: more disturbing than whites hating blacks • Nature – what people are born into, how they’re raised. Hurricane = physical act of God • Story of African American woman’s liberation from herself and living her life the way she wants • Title Meaning – eyes on a religious and mystical level, eyes perceive the world • Who is the God of the story? – people turned to God when disasters occurred. Details about religion are not discussed • Power an Conquest as a Means to Fulfillment – Janie wants fulfillment through spiritual conquest and finding herself, Jody wants fulfillment through power • Love & Relationships vs. Independence – Janie and Tea Cake have mutual respect which helps Janie to be independent • Community – gossip, scapegoating • Circular novel • Symbolism – nature, God...
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Final Review - more disturbing than whites hating blacks...

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