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His 1307 - Hitler & Stalin

His 1307 - Hitler & Stalin - Nick Wright HIS 1307 09 Dr...

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Nick Wright November 25, 2007 HIS 1307 - 09 Dr. Keith A. Francis THE POPULARITY OF HITLER & STALIN Lets get one thing straight, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin where popular, period. Honestly, it is quite irrelevant how one chooses to analyze these two men, only one conclusion will be reached: these men were by no means losers. They were icons, ones of which Europe will perhaps never forget. The causes for this popularity stem from various sources, but the main reason is best said by Larry the Cable Guy because they could “Git- R-Done”. In other words, they could deliver results. They could present and idea and act on it. They were not punks who were unstable, wavering in their decisions, unsure of their beliefs, nor unproductive in their actions. They possessed an appearance of strength, a veil of courage, and an aura of conviction. These men changed history. Now, one may choose to argue that Hitler and Stalin were not as important as they are perceived to be. Perhaps they were historical coincidences? Perhaps they were merely pawns in the chess game of fate and nothing more? Perhaps they were. However, isn’t it possible that Hitler and Stalin were just awesome? They didn’t just happen to be engraved in our history as major tough guys. They were bred to be lesser modern day versions of Julius Caesar. Don’t believe it? Lets take a look at their track record even before they gain their positions of near limitless power, authority, and influence. First up is Adolf Hitler. He began establishing his place in the public eye by earning an Iron Cross First class during World War I as an army corporal in 1918. Yet to
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his dismay, his country lost the war and Germany transitioned from wartime to peace time and recovery. Following his notable combat recovery, Adolf Hitler entered the field
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His 1307 - Hitler & Stalin - Nick Wright HIS 1307 09 Dr...

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