Phi 1321 - A Critical Analysis of the Aesthete

Phi 1321 - A Critical Analysis of the Aesthete - Nick...

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Nick Wright November 29, 2007 PHI 1321 Word Count 1150 A Critical Analysis of the Aesthete In the book entitled “Either/Or”, Soren Kierkegaard uses the pseudonym of “A” to present a unique set of views which have collectively been named “Aestheticism”. Kierkegaard’s aesthetic is by no means humble nor reserved. In fact, the aesthete is quite satirical, romantic, and poetic. He gives a flood of dialogue covering his believed essence of himself. In this paper, a critical analysis will be made of the aesthete. This paper will specifically focus on: first, an observation will be made of what the aesthetic person believes and holds as truth; and second, a thorough investigation will be conducted toward the intrinsic value of aestheticism and whether or not it possesses any cons. A brief overview of aestheticism seems to identify three basic factors from which the aesthetes explanations and feelings stem. It appears that one of the main characteristics of being an aesthetic is a sincere avoidance of commitment. The motivations for this avoidance may vary, but ultimately commitment is taboo. The aesthete also seems to be a bit of an addict of sensual pleasure. A third major characteristic is the acceptance of oneself as a passive victim of existence and time. It is almost as if the aesthete is attempting to make the best out of an uncontrollable situation. Once it is clearly understood what an aesthete is, it must eventually be explained why an aesthetic believes what he does. The core of the aesthetes beliefs are centered around three central assumptions. One of the central assumptions is that he possesses
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absolutely no influence on how his life will flow. This is primarily why the aesthete
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Phi 1321 - A Critical Analysis of the Aesthete - Nick...

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