Phi 1321 - Plato On Moral Psychology

Phi 1321 - Plato On Moral Psychology - Nick Wright PHI 1321...

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10-23-07 PHI 1321 Word Count: 1,184 The Moral Psychology of Knowing & Love Plato presents some very unique ideas throughout his many writings. Some of the ideas he presents have questionable soundness and validity. In particular, the idea Plato supports concerning how one gains knowledge and understanding, and what he claims to be the nature, context, and purpose of love. In his writings, Plato recaps the dialogue held between Socrates and certain distinguished Athenians of his time concerning the psychology of morality. It is quite easy to see how one may object Socrates simply by asking for a definition of knowledge, understanding, and how it is that one can know anything, especially the concept of right and wrong. Plato, a devout follower of Socrates, starts by first unestablishing the reliability of the senses. Socrates defends that our senses are subject to perception and emotion; they cannot sense what is true, but only those things which are modeled after something greater which the senses cannot grasp. Furthermore, our senses have a unique connection with our emotions; thus, they can be tainted by wishful thinking. Socrates then gives a solution to our naturally faulty preconceptions, dialectic. Through logical conversation and the use of reason, one can more clearly see the beautiful portrait of forms which transcends the senses and eliminate cloudy, incomplete knowledge. Plato does not say that this is a particularly quick or easy task. In both the Republic and the Cave, the ruling (or emerging) philosophers are no less than fifty years old. But through determination and a true love for
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Phi 1321 - Plato On Moral Psychology - Nick Wright PHI 1321...

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