18 - Week 7 Outline Lecture Eighteen- The Existential...

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Week 7 Outline Lecture Eighteen- The Existential Solution Key Questions: 1) Is existentialism the answer for humanity? 2) What are the aspirations and pitfalls of a existentialism? I) Age of Spiritual Forlornness a) Elie Wiesel’s Night “But why should I bless him. In every fiber I rebel because he let thousands of children burn his bits. He let them work in camps…factories of death. How can I thank him for blessing…Praise thee thy holy name thou who chose us to be butchered on his altar .” At the beginning of the novel, he has a spiritual aside. As the book progresses, he scolds god. In the midst of spiritual forlornness, he turns to himself for strength. IT begins with the premise that god did not exist in this world. “I felt very strong. I was the accuser. God the accused. (usually vice versa) My eyes were opened were alone in a world without god. I had ceased to be anything but ashes. I stood among the praying congregation, observing it like a stranger. i. Renunciation of God for his “silence” during the Holocaust b) John A.T. Robinson’s Honest to God (1963) Robinson was a former bishop in the Anglican Church but perhaps due to the realities of WWII, he gradually lost his faith and culminates into this question… i. …“Can a Truly Contemporary Person NOT be an Atheist?” The point of this question, given everything we have seen, the horrors we’ve seen collectively, is it possible to believe that god still exists. He concludes that god is not the ultimate reality of everyone’s life. Morality is an external code that we follow out of fear. (this should no longer true). It should instead be based on person code. Wiesel and Robinson are samples of the existential attitude.
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18 - Week 7 Outline Lecture Eighteen- The Existential...

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