23 - Week Nine Outline Lecture 23: The Collapse of...

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Outline Lecture 23: The Collapse of Communism I) 1989 as Watershed Year In Poland and Hungary we the advent of free elections and a change in regimes. We witness the demolition of Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany. In the same year in November we witness the Velvet Revolution in Czech. All these changes in Europe effectively signal the collapse of the Soviet block in that region and the end of the Cold War. One of the key things to be emphasized is that before all these changes occurred in Europe, there was Tiananmen. a) Changes in Eastern Europe b) The Precedence of Tiananmen -Tiananmen shaped the events of Eastern Europe. It provided a new model for mass civil disobedience. -“Civil Disobedience in the Age of CNN” -3 main trends: led by intellectual elite, -In China there was one man who inspired questioning the world around them…Fang Lizhi, professor of physics. In his classes he inspires students to challenge and question the government/system. Fang Lizhi would become a vocal dissident. (He’s banned from China now) i. Model for mass civil disobedience 1. Led by intellectual elite 2. Openness to negotiation and compromise 3. skillful appeal to Western media ii. Safeguard against violence? 1. A “Velvet Revolution” -Czech playwright, Polish medieval scholar, German conductor, engineer was the inspiration behind this Eastern Europe revolution -1989 outdid Shelley. Shelley made important statement in the nineteenth century “poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world”. 1989 outdid Shelley because now poets are now the worldly architect of change. -Openness to negotiation and compromise. Protestors
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23 - Week Nine Outline Lecture 23: The Collapse of...

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