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SHORT PAPER ASSIGNMENT #2: ANALYSIS OF CYRUS’ FIRST MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH TO HIS TROOPS Po041-03/04 Fundamentals Concepts of Politics I Professors Nasser Behnegar and Kenji Hayao October 12, 2007
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In book 1, chapter 5 of Cyropaedia , Cyrus gives a motivational speech to his troops. He hopes to instill confidence in them as well as transform them into fighters who are ready to engage in battle. Throughout his speech, Cyrus continually encourages his men to make use of the virtues they learned in their educations. The Peers who he is commanding have spent their lives working “…enthusiastically…to be noble and…[abstaining] altogether from what [is] shameful…” (1.5.7). However, through this training, they have experienced hunts against animals and have not practiced their skills in battle. Therefore, Cyrus attempts to motivate the men to want to engage in a true war and put their educations into practice. The men listening to the speech are encouraged by Cyrus’ words. They all report
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Cyrus_speech_paper_final - SHORT PAPER ASSIGNMENT#2...

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