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11. to fortify his loyalty 1. Community based, seems communistic, no one above the law- even Cyrus’ father had to answer listen to the law, aristocracy (Peers ruling over commoners), law infiltrates/governs all aspects of life, law set up to be continuous (virtue for virtue’s sake, children important) 9. centaurs with human hands, but speed and strength of a horse; better b/c will have all the benefits of being a human with the speed and strength of his horse: have 4 eyes/ears b/c horse will be helping as well, more intelligence than centaur also as a human 2. Instead of administering justice based on what the law said, he did what was right by human nature/appropriate/beneficial; learned that Persian justice meant doing what was lawful rather than what seemed correct 10. Gobryas’ loyalty means more to him than the city of Babylon- doesn’t take daughter or treasures and can’t seriously take fortified walls, but says the one gift given that means more than anything is the only one he will take with him 3. father had to answer to Persian law, Astyages was a benevolent tyrant; father lived similar life to people, grandfather highest in aristocracy; father collaborated with council to rule, grandfather didn’t even seem to have another body to help him 12. used situation with Araspas going after Pantheon to his advantage: made it look like he ran from Cyrus to not have punishment, turned into a spy on the Assyrians by making it look like he was going to their side; disobeyed Cyrus and felt shameful, so Cyrus able to use like the Armenian: gives special task and Araspas knows he’s done if he messes us 4. Virtue not for virtue’s sake, but for personal gain and benefit 5. don’t preach hope because let down if things go wrong, live like the subjects rather than act better than them 13. previously, given much wealth and honor and glory by his people when asked to be their leader, so thought better than he actually was; thought he could make war against Cyrus, but ended up being beaten by him, and then realized wasn’t really the best and strongest man around, Cyrus better than him 6. tactical: change infantry with armor to change mode of the battle- fight better b/c long range with less numbers loses, but short range gives more chance to win; create loyalty by giving arms because did not have before; elevating commoners to Peers and therefore changing order of the Persians- meritocracy 8. Armenian extremely grateful for being left alive and in power- more loyal to Cyrus because knows gone with one slip-up, Cyrus can watch more closely b/c Armenian knows did wrong and deserves it, rather than a friend who would get angry over great suspicion 7. claims not swift of foot or strong of arm, claims that if those who are good get bigger shares, he in turn will benefit- good will be encouraged to do better and in turn bring everyone up 14. not foolish: acting within reason, saw how great Cyrus was and how beneficial it would be to be his ally- important for husband to show his worth
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15. moving back to old way to maintain all have acquired-
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