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Machiavelli_12to14 - military o mercenaries not good not...

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- military o mercenaries not good not good fighters either not good/don’t care (lazy) or once win, in debt to them o aux worse than merc- good to have own arms if win, owe victory to another state more united than merc: have allegiance to someone else- win=at mercy of another takes merc time to become attached to merc captain, aux already loyal to someone else EX= Cyaxeras ask Cyrus to help him out- Cyrus took over o devote all attn to war - need foundation, either in law or arms: cannot be arms w/good law, but w/good arms must be good law o law cannot be enforced=must not be a good law o order more important than law o people more likely to listen if armed o purpose of law is order o narrows the purpose of the state: all focus on security o Monk- Savanorolla (sp?) Italy continually attacked b/c bad Christians Indulging in luxuries, etc Mach= suffer b/c of sins, but cites military sins Using merc=bad Monk= suffer b/c bad Christians, mach= suffer b/c good Christians
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