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- citizens/commoners important for rule o allow subjects to be armed- not nobles b/c they would be rivals subjects armed and support, don’t have fortresses o greatest fortress for prince is not to be hated by the people (figurative fortress) fortresses not important, but previous chapter has Germans w/important fortresses whole city could be safe for 2 years get rid of fortresses if subjects loyal b/c kingdom would be fortress better to have own military than fortress and have open fight to the end if cannot fight enemy w/military, then have fortress without fortress, citizens will fight better fortress not help someone who has been hated: all the people close together, able to conspire 2 types of fortress: protect town vs. protect self from ppl o Support of the people crucial: have own army, own subjects as military force Cannot use mercenaries, etc Mach time- cit usually not armed o Spiritual war: secular ruler w/o support of religious authority would be fine with
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Machiavelli_20to21 - - - - - citizens/commoners important...

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