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- Machiavelli looking to be deMedici secretary- chapters discuss secretaries - How princes become esteemed o Ferdinand cited Ferdinand despoiled his kingdom/hurt his economy o Princes should appear to be religious Christian Crusader Commercial Modern Statesman o Have to side with either religion or men of this world (philosophers) If not interested in these matters, not be esteemed - Difficulty princes have choosing advisors and secretaries o Don’t know if for themselves or to help the leader o Heads and leaders surround themselves with less-intelligent people Ambitious men worried about surrounding selves with other ambitious men o Not surround selves with only flatterers Give only information think what you want to hear o Don’t want someone who will constantly tell is wrong o Even if given good advice, prince shouldn’t be esteemed b/c has good advisors o Loyalty to personal interest and loyalty to cause
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Unformatted text preview: Mach very loyal (to republican cause): couldnt get info out under torture o Prince wise enough to discern which advice is good: why need advice if so wise? o Dont believe in common good, and secretary to another person, what stops you from taking over anothers state? Advisor must be someone not interested in taking over a state, cant support self alone o Not be logical supporters, but would accuse prince: advancing cause of Christianity, rather than extolling and making great- Mach feels prince should appear to be religious, but not actually be religious (ch 18) Can tell he is not a genuine Christian, loyalty not w/him, will accuse him Says he will support deMedici, they wont Weaker side is philosophical side: if choose stronger side, become servant of stronger side o Prince himself has to be wise, not just a symbolic figure...
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