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Machiavelli_25to26 - Spencer is still the best Main...

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Spencer is still the best - Main problem/what Italian princes did wrong= rely on other powers o Should build up own arms, not mercenaries, etc o Did not secure themselves against “the great”- keep nobles in check o The people are the foundation for the state/rule Fortresses, real fortress is good will of the people These people will serve as arms, for having own arms/military o Do not rely upon fortune at all: will cause problems “Fortune is a violent river” Italy flooded by barbarians Italians have not protected against this, all other countries have Blaming the Church? o Don’t rely on the mercy of someone else, trust own resources - Pope Julius o Forced France to come in to help, keep Venetians and Spaniards at bay o If Julius not impetuous, not successful Success b/c did something w/o planning o Lucky his approach fit the times: Mach does not feel Julius would have adapted his approach in a different situation o
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