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Unformatted text preview: Statements Concerning what religion is good for in de Tocqueville:- p. 220: people are righteous b/c it leads to happiness/ is the happiest path to take- p. 222: religion is good for encouraging sacrifices in this world with the promise of reward in the next o American priests have brought benefits of current life into preaching as well as reward in next life- p. 233: improve the morals of democracy with religion- p. 235: democracy promotes materialism, materialism is bad, religion is important in democracies because acts against materialism- p. 204-208: democracy promotes individualism, which is fostered by liberty and freedom> Americans use liberty and freedom given to them to help others, moral value instilled by religion/Christianity- p. 173: Christianity w/strong influence over American minds b/c separate from politics o instantly accept dogmas and moral truths from religion- p. 179: “Only minds very free from the ordinary preoccupations of life, very penetrating, very subtle, very well trained, can, with much time and attention, pierce through to these...
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