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Heclo Paper Notes **- Christianity made “this-worldly” in America: look for the good in this life (pg 46) -ultimately agrees with Toc’s words, but used against his idea, negatively How does Heclo’s account relate to Tocqueville’s (where does he agree)? - Must speak of religion and democracy as one, not two separate entities o p. 5= talks of an “essential ambiguity” and “a mutual and tensioned embrace between the democratic and Christian faiths” - Cites Puritans (while discussing Toc- pg. 10): impressiveness of self-imposed laws and restraints to form a working democracy in their community - p. 13: “The problem is that, left undisciplined, liberty loses its value as the means for human flourishing. Especially in a democratic republic, freedom without religious “oughts” and “ought nots” must become disorderly and self-destructive at both the individual and societal levels.”<<strongly agrees w/Toc (uses quote directly after), must have religious restraint for broad pol liberties - pg. 32-33: “What has been called the “moral calculus” became commonplace in the new nation: republican government requires virtuous citizens, virtue requires morality, and morality requires religion. Freedom, which posed such a problem for democratic government when defined as a lack of controls, was in effect reconceptualized into the idea of autonomy. Autonomy was not a lack of controls but rather self-control, a
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Paper2_Notes_B - Heclo Paper Notes *- Christianity made...

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