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Po041 FE Qs - The final examination will be given on...

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The final examination will be given on Friday, December 14 at 9 a.m. in our normal classroom (Gasson 305). You will have two hours to finish the exam, and it will be worth 20 percent of the final course grade. The exam itself will list 10 questions drawn from this list of questions below. Each question will require a short answer of about a sentence to a short paragraph. Xenophon, The Education of Cyrus 1. [I.2] How is the nature of law in Persia different than those in most cities? 2. [I.3] Cyrus recounts that his teacher beat him because he did not judge a case correctly. What was wrong with his judgment? What did Cyrus learn from this? 3. [I.3] Cyrus’s mother noted that his father and her father rule in very different ways. How did they differ? 4. [I.5] In his speech to the one thousand, Cyrus motivates them, saying, “I do not think that human beings practice any virtue in order that those who become good have no more than do the worthless.” What did he mean by this? 5. [I.6] Cyrus’s father believed that “being loved by one’s subjects” is among “the most important matters.” In his view, how does a ruler accomplish this? 6. [II.1] Why did Cyrus offer the commoners to become armed like the Peers? 7. [II.3] Chrysantas argued for giving “the good and the powerful” bigger shares even though he himself was not very swift or strong. What was the basis of his argument? 8. [III.1] Tigranes argued that the Armenian can be become a
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Po041 FE Qs - The final examination will be given on...

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