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Edward Willoughby - appreciates art o shows he’s proper (soc terms) o like his mother - not best-looking man, but has other endearing qualities o makes him more humble - shy/lacks self confidence o also makes him more humble o can’t own up to Lucy engagement on his own- Lucy tells Elinor et al. Elinor still thinks Edward a good person ?!?!- says did nothing dishonorable - kind, “golden heart” o tries to do what he thinks is right keeping engagement w/ Lucy even though loved Elinor - humble o not looking to be well-known o wants to be a minister o just wants happy and private life - depressed o not happy/romantic o hiding something not expressing/sharing emotions o comes back and shows no emotion towards Elinor really different from before? - Humble, but still likeable o Not eloquent o Not a genius o Does he really fit in with the landed gentry? Not a perfect fit, but still proper and well- mannered - very romantic o “rescues” Marianne and carries her home on horseback
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Unformatted text preview: -Shows qualities of landed gentry, but flaunts them o Interested in music and books (sings and reads w/Marianne)-Lively, enthusiastic, imaginative, open, and affectionate o Seems really happy-Flaw= always speaks his mind (through Elinor’s eyes)-Not very nice/well-mannered o Leaves abruptly and is cold, no explanation-Complete jerk o Ensures Marianne not at home when he calls o Can’t tell him what he did/own up to it himself o Still tries to make himself look acceptable, keep up his reputation? o Has to tell Marianne in a letter, can’t even say to her face that he was engaged-Rude and mean o Doesn’t know how to properly deal with his situation-Extremely dishonorable o Leading Marianne on o Seduced Col. Brandon’s daughter- wasn’t engaged to her either-Knows the right thing, just has trouble actually getting around to doing it o Eventually comes to explain all to Elinor...
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