Ferreiro+_1990_ - recorded happenings of it ever...

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Definition for Psychogenesis Psychogenesis is the relatively unheard of psychic power of creating matter merely from thought, can also be loosely related to reality warping. While the word is also a medical term for something, usually a mental disorder, created of the mind, it was broadened to include anything that can be created. It is considered the most unlikely and impossible of all psychic powers within the realm of parapsychology. Little is known about it and how it works and there are no known
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Unformatted text preview: recorded happenings of it ever appearing. (Source: Wikipedia) Distinguishing Drawing and Writing Iconic Mode = To draw Non Iconic Mode = to write Quantitative and Qualitative forms of Writing According to Ferreiro (1990) children build quantitative and qualitative concepts for writing words (p.17). Question: Have you ever asked the children that you had or have experience with, how many letters might it take to make up a word? Do you agree that they might or do quantify letters into words?...
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Ferreiro+_1990_ - recorded happenings of it ever...

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