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9c_ADHD2_POST - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity...

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Unformatted text preview: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Video: "ADD" (Eye on America) ADHD -- Basic Concepts s Historical perspective s Legal mandates - services s Definition -- DSM-IV (1994) s Focal characteristics s Prevalence s Model for intervention Terminology -- Past & Present s brain damage syndrome s minimum brain dysfunction s hyperkinetic reaction of childhood s attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity s attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity ADHD Criteria (DSM-IV): A. Either 1 or 2: 2 (1) Inattention: 6 or more ... 6 months ... maladaptive and inconsistent with dev (2) Hyperactivity-Impulsivity: 6 or more ... 6 months ... B. Onset -- symptoms before age 7 C. 2 or more settings D. Clinically significant impairment ...in functioning E. Not occur exclusively during the course of a PDD, etc. [p. 243] Focal Characteristics: Characteristics s s s inattention hyperactivity impulsivity Some Personal Stories s s s "Tex" Pillow El. Vail Identification Procedures Environmental Management Instructional Accommodations Counseling Model of Educational Intervention Collaboration Medical Management Student-Regulated Strategies Placement & Programmatic Considerations Personal vignette "Sam" Admonitions! ...
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