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Week 8 - Week 8 The Environmental Impact of Global Welfare...

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Week 8 May 20, 2008 The Environmental Impact of Global Welfare Today’s Id’s - Ypres - Influenza - Stalingrad - Ethyl 1. Ypres a. World War 1 i. Also known as the Great war ii. 1914-1918 1. 50 million people died 2. all of the continents of the world were at war 3. introduced the world to many new weapons 4. Ypres is a city in Belgium 5. 900,000 young men died from England 6. by 1915 all people were at war 7. Germany was the main leader in the War a. Wanted to gain territory b. Thought it would be a quick war b. Great European Civil war i. Another name for WWI and WWII c. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand i. June 1914 ii. Began WWI iii. Heir to the throne of Austria Hungary iv. Assassinated in Bosnia 1. Blamed the Serbs for doing this 2. Declared war on Serbia 3. Since Russia was an ally of Serbia it then declared war on Austria Hungary d. Western Front i. Created in WWI ii. Saw more action than the Western Front of WWII iii. For 4 years huge armies ranged back and forth on an area of land that was small iv. Intense fighting v. French and British stopping the German advance e. North Sea i. Met resistance in the town of Ypres ii. Ypres was where the allies knew they had to take a stand against the enemy because of all the major sea ports in the North Sea
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iii. Had to stop the Germans there f. 1 st battle of Ypres i. British army vs. German Army ii. 1914 (very early in the war) iii. Front on battles when the Germans tried to get to the North Sea iv. 240,000 dead and wounded in this one battle g. Winston Churchill i.
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