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Week 9

Week 9 - Week 9 Global Warfare and Environmental Responses...

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Week 9 May 27, 2008 Global Warfare and Environmental Responses Today’s Id’s - H-Bomb - Postwar Shockers - NEPA 1. H-Bomb a. Atomic Café i. Movie ii. People were so naïve to believe what they were being told b. Civil Defense c. Fallout shelter i. Civil defense ii. Prevalent in the 1950’s when they were trying to show people how to survive a nuclear bomb test iii. Some companies made lots of money off of this iv. Big barrel that was buried about 20 feet below the ground and you would go there with your family and wait until the nuclear war was over v. Stay there until the fallout levels were safe vi. Gave the illusion if survivability of nuclear wars d. Dr. Strangelove i. 1964 film ii. How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb iii. Comedy iv. Stanley Kubrick film v. Statistic: show a B52 flying, each one carries roughly 40 mega tons (2 bombs) = to 16 times all of the bombs and shells dropped by all the armies in the second world war e. Fail Safe i. Movie based on a novel ii. 2 major cities are destroyed to avoid a total nuclear war iii. In the 1960’s fears of nuclear war became a bigger issue f. Atmospheric tests i. First gestures of the environmental movement was to ban atmospheric tests g. Nuclear Test ban Treaty i. 1963 ii. Stopped atmospheric testing iii. Knew they were causing problems to the environment h. Ban the Bomb i. Arose about the same time in the early 60’s
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ii. Made people aware of the devastation that would result from nuclear war i. Nuclear fatalism i. Permeated many years ii. Rachael Carson and Paul Erlich 1. work reflects how the world is going to go up in fiery bomb j. The bomb and the environmentalism i. Bomb is tied to the modern environmental movement ii. We can have dramatic environmental impact 2. Post War Shockers a. Cleveland, OH i. 1965 ii. And industrial city on lake Erie iii. Petro chemical refining (rust built city) iv. Heart of the first oil belt v. Industrial city b. Cuyahoga River i. 1965 oil spill on the river ii. Flows through downtown Cleveland and flows into lake Eire iii. Burned the oil iv. The river then stayed in fire and did not go out after the oil was burned off of the surface v. It was so polluted that it stayed on fire for days c. Lake Erie i. Became virtually dead after the fire ii. There was no aquatic life left d. Santa Barbara Oil Spill i. In the 1950’s the state lands commission leased extensive tracks of the oil to companies ii. Thousands of barrels oil daily were being produced by the oil platforms iii. In January 1969 Union Oil company was drilling iv. Ruptured and oil came out from platform A
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Week 9 - Week 9 Global Warfare and Environmental Responses...

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