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Paper assignment.MWF.Spring 08

Paper assignment.MWF.Spring 08 - University of Colorado at...

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University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business Business Applications of Social Responsibility BCOR 3010 Spring 2008 Paper Assignment Date Due : April 23, 2008 Length: no more than three pages typewritten, double-spaced, 12 point font Assignment: On the second day of class, you were given 30 minutes to address questions involving drilling licenses in the Upper Green River Valley. We asked you whether as CEO of your company, you would seek to obtain a drilling permit and, more specifically, why? After a semester of considering business’ role in society, uncovering your values, and considering the obligations of business to a variety of stakeholders, we ask you to reassess and amplify the position you took in that brief writing assignment. In addition to answering the original questions posed, we also ask you to address the question of how, if at all, have your views changed since the beginning of the term? Also consider the possibility that while
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