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in class review for the final music class

in class review for the final music class - successive...

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- Listening is just know the era or know the composer so know which era they come from and will be fine - Eras : o baroque, o classical, o romantic, o impressionist, o 20 th century - Composers o Back, hindel, Vivaldi – baroque o Haydn, Mozart – classical o Debussy – impressionism o Chopin, berlioz, Brahms, Smetana, Schubert – romanticism o Stravinsky, Schoenberg – 20 th century o Other: Eric satie dadism and serialism or furnitureism Philip glass John cage aliatoric music music that involves elements of chance to help organize sound Rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, form, texture - scale(like major and minor scales, just play a scale there is no harmony) falls under melody - dissonance applies to what- harmony(have to have two pitches at once so it has to have harmony) - simple and compound applies to what – rhythm(sub divisions of the beat) - repetition and contrast – form (ton color with timbre)
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Unformatted text preview: successive pitches(or one after another)-review quiz one material and vocab -functional harmony- set of rules about how music is supposed to behave system of rules or theory that most music was based off of (Schoenberg’s 12 point prism) established during the baroque -elemental rhythms used with Stravinsky used rhythms in a driving elemental way -cubism was related to Stravinsky-light motif – very similar to something vogner used it create a drama using light motif that somehow told a story assign a musical theme to his characters -dardious – similar to light motif -music drama was vogner similar to the light motif combining of the arts -rhondo is talking about form -12 bar blues, minute trio, syncopation is talking about rhythm, -Element using a succession of pitches – melody??-...
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