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final review for norse - by being head butted by a ram...

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- 4 to 5 def - Piety, Christianization v conversion, place names being named after gods’ dienforic or cult site, - 6 to 7 kennings (just from the mid term on ull Tyr hymdal) - ull – sky god, bow god(bow and arrow),shield god, thors stepson, sifs son, judge, strong cult evidence, faded sky gods( gods like Zeus, top of the hierarchy by faded , contradicting evidence) magic bone (story in Tacitus about him and a magic bone some guy made his way to Sweden on two bones) - tyr – one handed god, war god, tyr means Tuesday and also god, fearless, judge and a faded sky god, no place names of him in Norway or Sweden but do have in Denmark, -hymdall – gold tooth, blow horn at ragnarok, mystical hearing could hear grass grow, white god very white skin, son of nine mothers, all humans are descended from him, protects the bridge bilfrost, guards against the giants, story of his death
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Unformatted text preview: by being head butted by a ram, seriesses prophesy and was one who suggested that thor dress up as a woman, - Mostly id questions 3 points each Heroes and kings, gods, Valkyrie poems beginning of each one has a good synopsis of each poem so read that, - Final sections about 6 questions similar to essay three general (different countries and when they were Christianized) and three to images (can answer in bullet points) will have the images on the test describe the images what I see in it, different themes what other contexts I see the story in, where the image is like baptismal bath (font) and the entrance of churches - Know sigurd and helgy, king olafs, hocam the good these two were trying to Christianize the nation but they were met with Christian issues subjects were pagans, Adam of Brahman, sites where there were cult sites, overlap between Christian and pagan rituals...
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