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As educators, it is important to remember that parents/guardians may not have prior knowledge aboutlearning disabilities, their risk factors, or early intervention strategies for exceptionalities in children ofvarious ages. Additionally, parents/guardians may not understand how specific learning disabilities affectstudents in educational settings as well as everyday life. As educators, we can communicate andcollaborate with parents/guardians to provide information and resources that help them understandlearning disabilities, define the roles of the state, school, and the parents/guardians in accessing andproviding intervention services, and navigate the acquisition of information and support agencies andservices provided to students with disabilities.Consider students in the grade level that is the focus of your field of study. Select a specific disabilitycategory (intellectual disability, specific learning disability, emotional behavior disorders, autismspectrum disorder, traumatic brain injury, or orthopedic impairment). Create a 250-500 word digitalbrochure that could be given to families and provide information about services and supports forindividuals with disabilities.
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