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11.30.2007 Bi 211 11 am lec / 11 am lab Shark Article 1. The lateral line in fish is a stripe extending down the sides of many fish and amphibians from gill to tail. The lateral line helps to detect water displacement, and consists of a row of specialized perforated gills. 2. Sharks are able to sense extremely weak electric fields generated by other animals in the sea by using hundreds to thousands of ampullae of Lorenzini located in their snout. 3. Electricity is conducted in the well insulated gel-filled canals extending from the skin pored to the bulb shaped ampullae that are lined with a single layer of sensing cells. These cells respond to slight changes in the electrical charges then activate nearby nerves that inform the brain of the field’s presence. 4. Sand thought that the sharks were sensitive to temperature as well because it is an important part of migration and other fish mannerisms. 5.
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