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Jan 31, 2008 Bio 212 11am lab/11am lec II. Chlorophyll and other Photosynthetic Pigments There appears to be three pigments within this leaf. There is a yellow, light green, and a slightly darker green. The most abundant pigment is light green, and the yellow color is the most soluble. The leaves are green because chloroplasts give off chlorophyll which is green. Leave change color in the fall because not as much sunlight is available
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Unformatted text preview: and so not as much chloroplast is produced and the other pigments in the plant can become more visible. IV. Spectroscopic Examination of Plant Pigments All the colors make up white light. The colors that the leaves absorbed are purple/ violet, blue, and darker blue. V. Absorption Spectrum Graph is attached on the second page. The light green 425 absorbed the most,...
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