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May 16, 2006 Eng 110 Screwball Review Fast Times at Ridgemont High Cameron Crowe’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High paints a vivid and accurate picture of teenage life. Director Amy Heckerling proved early on in her career to be able to portray teen life very accurately. Even though the movie was made in the early 80s, many of the situations can be applied to today’s youth. The movie chronicles the lives of many teens and almost every person could identify with one of the main characters. The characters that are closely followed in the movie are siblings, Brad and Stacy Hamilton. The movie shows almost every situation that is associated with high school: drugs, sex, parties, and first jobs. Social groups are even accurately depicted in this film, Brad is smarter and looks down upon Spicoli and his friend when they come into the
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Unformatted text preview: burger joint, even Stacy does not want to date who she eventually ends up with at first. Almost the whole entire movie is shot from eye level, helping the audience familiarize themselves with the characters and feel that they too are in high school with them. Amy Heckerling does a wonderful job directing Cameron Crowe’s screenplay of his book Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Part of the movies success, and now cult status, is that it depicts high school so accurately; everyone can envision themselves and their classmates from high school no matter which situation applies to them. Overall, the movie can conjure up many nostalgic images from our own high school experiences ultimately making us thankful we aren’t still stuck in that classroom like Spicoli is with Mr. Hand yelling at him....
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