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English 110 Week 9 Film School Generation I loved this section because these are some of the movies I was raised on and directors I have grown with. Some directors are close to my heart, like George Lucas who is from my hometown, some others like Steven Spielberg keep me on the edge of my seat because his directorial direction is ever changing and maturing, his style keeps evolving from year to year cranking another film out from another genre. But lately the trend of
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Unformatted text preview: the bigger movies has been with the independent, unknown directors. Examples of the last few independent movies that have done well are In the Bedroom, Transamerica, Napoleon Dynamite, and Crash . Many of these directors were either in their directorial debut or were still unknown. I think that in todays world, with all of the varying film festivals, we are more able to see movies from unknowns do well....
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