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Dirty Harry - the detective and the kidnapper who is able...

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May 30, 2006 Film Noir Review Dirty Harry The story is pretty basic. A kidnapper has abducted a young woman and buried her alive, giving the police a limited time to come up with the cash before she suffocates. Enter Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan. He's a bad-ass who lives to make the existence of his coworkers a miserable one, and refuses to play by the rules. Granted, every cop movie since then has emulated this rogue cop pattern, but when Eastwood brought a fresher approach. Dirty Harry doesn't wear Kevlar and he doesn't carry an arsenal of automatic weapons. All he needs is his .44 magnum. With the exception of the occasional ass- whooping delivered to random thugs, most of the story is a cat and mouse game between
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Unformatted text preview: the detective and the kidnapper, who is able to manipulate the media and turn public and departmental opinion against Callahan. This results in his superiors taking his badge away . . . and any last pretense of his "playing by the rules" along with it. Dirty Harry is a classic, and its different approach in filming makes it even more interesting. The whole film was mainly one shots of every character throughout the film. The movie presented itself in a very rough manner, probably in part to further convey the toughness of Eastwood’s character. Overall Dirty Harry is a very great film that captures the rawness of the rogue cop and delivers it in a powerhouse performance from Eastwood....
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