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4/20/2006 Intro to Film Linda Spain Unit 2 Response The studio era was literally an assembly line for film. At one point during the video it was said that often times studios brought about 52 films a year, based on the notion of putting out one film a week. Everyone was owned by the studio, and was subsequently held under contract to them. The major studios, such as Paramount, took the basis of the Ford assembly line, building upon it to apply it towards filmmaking. I found this the most fascinating topic of this week. It was so amazing to me to see that all of these major film stars were held under contracts to studios, and that everyone was held under them also. As with all trends it was only a matter of time before the studio system fell, and it only seemed it would take time before many people were to become restless under someone else’s control. One of the saddest things I found about this time was the
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Unformatted text preview: lack of individuality, writers werent really able to make their own work but instead found them being told what to write. Not to say that this was a time of poor movie making, but I think it would have been great if the studios were to fuel creativity rather than guiding the direction in which the writers and directors were to be creating. I found that the segment in which the man is speaking of the 70s and the disorganization in that time of the studios and things all seemed to be new in movies is what really makes them successful today. I think that no one would go to the movies and volunteering to immerse themselves in fantasies if there were no difference in them. The old days of the studio assembly line have now, thankfully, moved on to creating the best atmosphere for a script or an idea, not forging the idea then finding the magic to make it happen....
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