Exam 3 HUM102 - 3.18.2008 HUM102 Exam 3 1. Discuss two or...

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3.18.2008 HUM102 Exam 3 1. Discuss two or more aspects of the Enlightenment thought or culture which still influence your everyday life or your basic social or political views? The most important political influence that the Enlightenment had on our culture was that of the social contract. Locke and Hobbes were two huge influencers of these new ideas. A social contract is the product of several theories that stated that citizens need to form nations to maintain a social order. With this social order, citizens will have to give up some rights to a government to complete the social order. All of these ideas are based upon that the state authority is created from the consent to be governed. I think that this had a huge impact on our lives today because it is the foundation of our government. As a society the social contract is understood, it is common sense that we will respect one another. We elect our officials, and grant them the rights to govern us. When we feel that that trust and respect is compromised, we either remove them from office, or elect a new official when their term is due. Another philosopher of the enlightenment that had a huge impact was Adam Smith and his theories on the economy. Smith’s ideas about the economy were rational and straightforward and showed how competition will lead to prosperity. Smith’s ideas helped to create the rules for economics, and set the basis for free trade and capitalism. Smith’s publications influenced the world of economics heavily and set forth the basis for modern economics. Smith’s ideas were well ahead of his time and many didn’t believe his visions of the advantages of a free market economy. Today, our markets are essentially free all over the world and have come long way from mercantilism.
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Exam 3 HUM102 - 3.18.2008 HUM102 Exam 3 1. Discuss two or...

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