HIEU114-2A - HIEU 114 [WEEK 2A] / April 8, 2008 Beginnings:...

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HIEU 114 [WEEK 2A] / April 8, 2008 Beginnings: US Occupation I. Demoralization and Democratization A. Reaction to Emperor’s Speech 1. Takashi Aiko B. How to Ensure Victory 1. Chain of Command a. SCAP b. Central Liaison c. Japanese Government 2. Perceived Problem a. Hierarchical Society b. Concentration of Wealth 3. Restore Liberal Internationalism C. Demilitarization 1. War Criminals 2. Purge D. Democratization 1. Restore Civil Liberation 2. Reform Educational System 3. Economic Decentralization a. Land reform b. Unionism c. Anti-monopoly Law - US occupation of Japan lasted 7 years and used as a model as to why we’ll be so “successful” in our occupation in Iraq. - When war came to an end, the Japanese greeted it with shock, relief, unhappiness; they believed that their mission was to fight in the name of the emperor. - The emperor’s broadcast of surrender was not a live broadcast, but instead, a scratchy recording of the emperor’s final draft of the speech; after five – eight – fifteen years of propaganda saying that the Japanese would win the war. - The US didn’t have the means to enforce the same occupation force in Japan that the allies did in Europe; if we did have it, it would necessitate full cooperation with all our allies. - August 8 , the Soviet Union was a belligerent in the Pacific War. - SCAP = Supreme Command of Allied Powers = Douglas McArthur - Method we used was indirect control , meaning, we would place advisors next to many of the more important decision makers within the Japanese government
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HIEU114-2A - HIEU 114 [WEEK 2A] / April 8, 2008 Beginnings:...

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