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POLI100K-1B - III Coal-60 of electricity in US is...

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POLI100K [Week 1B] / April 2, 2008 Why Are Railroads Important? I. They are essential to the modern economy Ex. 2001 - Railroads carry 1,558,000,000 ton-miles = 5, 300 ton-miles per person * Equivalent to: 100,000,000 trucks driven 1000 mi each with 15 tons per load II. Intermodal (Containers and Trailers) - Number 1 source of freight on railroads. Ex. 235, 625 intermodal traffic in Week 49 (Railway Age, p. 1) A. Five Railroad Systems 1. Union South Pacific 2. Burlington Santa Fe a. Worst condition b. Ran through San Diego 3. Northern Pacific
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Unformatted text preview: III. Coal-60% of electricity in US is coal.-Railroads move 65% of coal. * Their second biggest business next to intermodal.- Clean Air Act of 1970- Production of Coal in 2005 is about 380,000,000 tons.- Typical train coming out of potter river basin is about 1 ¼ mile long, weighing 23,000 tons.- There are 23,000 trains that come from the “potter river basic” a year. * Traveling 34, 000 miles – can go around the world? - The US has best freight system in the world....
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