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Scott Lee MUS 15 TA HALL 23 May 2008 Electronica Music: The Future of Music? The advancements of music technology in the past few years such as drum machines, synthesizers, and sequencers has given birth to a new genre of music called electronica. Daft Punk may be the best known for introducing this kind of music to our generation, but the early pioneers of electronic music which came before electronica like Kraftwerk set the stage for things to come. Small groups like Kraftwerk required large amounts of equipment and multiple operators for live performances, however as technology began to progress artists were able to produce electronic music and recordings in smaller studios. Today, all the artists need in the genre of electronica music mainly consist of input devices that serve as a controller for synthesizers and mixing consoles and turntables. Electronica music started out as a genre for foreground listening, dancing, and other background activities, but today the sound can be heard in all types of music like rock and hip-hop. Artists from other genres are incorporating their sounds with electronica and the songs we hear on the radio today are being listened to by the youth. Major record labels started using electronica in the mid 90s to describe mainstream electronic dance music made by such artists as The Prodigy and Fat Boy Slim (Kettlewell). The very early forms of electronica music provided a much more mellow tone and sound than songs that are being released today. Today songs hold a stronger, heavier electronic sound. Currently, it is being utilized to describe a wide
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variety of artists and styles connected by overtly electronic production. Many people may
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ELECTRONICA - Scott Lee MUS 15 TA HALL 23 May 2008...

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